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The supplier of the hardware is based in Spaichingen, Germany, the heart of Europe's manufacturing engine. There they apply considerable knowledge and organisational skill to the field of automation and the result is a range of equipment unrivalled for choice and compatibility, built to exacting standards.

The standard equipment is manufactured to the highest technical specification to meet the needs of its customers and benefits from the security of local support and the ability to provide standard spare parts within 24 hours. This response time is possible since every standard part has a unique number and is held in stock at the main supply factory.

The range of equipment includes vibratory drive units with stepped, conical or cylindrical bowls, linear drivers, conveyors and a wide range of bulk storage equipment, centrifugal parts feeders and stepfeeders all designed to compliment each other when combined in a system. Information on the complete range is available via the website link and detailed drawings can be downloaded in a number of suitable formats, subject to a short registration process. 

 Bowl Feeders

  • Bowl feeders make up the core of many feeding systems.
  • Used for sorting and aligning parts and include fabricated stepped, conical and cylindrical bowls, in mild or stainless steel.
  • The Grimm linear conveyors form the interface between sorting devices and downstream equipment, or they are used as drives for hopper systems.
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  • Our centrifugal feeders allow the high-speed feed of mass production parts with a capacity of up to 1000 parts per minute and more.
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Step Feeders

  • Thanks to the compact design, the Grimm step feeder only needs very little space, and provides the quiet and gentle alignment of the components.

Conveyor Belts

  • The Grimm conveyor belts are used for intermediate transport or supply/removal in assembly, as well as for linking feeding components, workstations and machines.
  • Bulk storage and dispensed loading of different components is fully catered for by a range of hoppers; horizontal and inclined.
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  • Our control devices ensure optimum coordination and control for a wide variety of feeding components.
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  • The range of accessories includes track control sensors, bowl low level pendulum switch, special coatings, noise reduction products and other associated parts handling devices.
For more information surrounding Grimm's products:

Grimm also offer a range of system solutions. These link several feeding components to form individual automation concepts. Examples of these can be found on Grimm's website.

Bowl Tooling

Specific orientation tooling is offered locally in The West Midlands undertaken by an established tooling house known for their competence, wealth of experience and considerable skills in the art of bowl tooling.
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